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Metal Hose Reel

This metal hose reel is perfect for gardening. It is lightweight and easy to move, so you can tend to your garden without warranties. It has two wheels for stability and can organize your hose reel with wheels.

Steel Garden Hose Reel

The steel garden hose reel is a great way to keep your garden clean and organized. This reel includes a few different options for through-ing water through your plants. The reel also has a built in siphon for easy water flow. The steel construction means that this reel is stable and easy to use.

Metal Hose Reels

The metal hose reel is the perfect way to keep your vehicles engine and water hose clean and organized. The brea all-covers metal hose reel is made of heavy-duty plastic and is cheese mill art on a frame. It has a steel basket with a brea logo. It is perfect for handling metal hose and water hose like never before. the giraffe metal hose reel is a perfect way to keep your garden complete with your metal hoses! This cart is made with heavy-duty metal elements that can be used forerennial plants. The reel has a reach of about 12 inches and is adjustable to fit a variety of hoses. It is also non-toxic and easy to clean. the industrial garden hose reel is a stylish and durable hose reel that is perfect for those looking for a never-leak-able water supply. This reel is made with 100-ft hideaway hose steel that ensures a very-transparent connection and is sure to last. The reel also has a plastic foot fortvhese features and is sure to be an favorite of industrial and commercial users. the heavy-duty hose reel is perfect for using at work or for yourself. The reel has four solid wheels so you can easily slide the hose reel across any surface. The hose reel is also lightweight so you can easy move it around. The hose reel has a black anodized aluminum design and is made to last.