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Kastking Reels

Kastking reels are the best quality and smooth baitcasting reels made. They have a 17. 6 lb drag and are made of durable materials. These reels make great baits for kastkings and legend reels.

Who Makes Kastking Reels

Kastking is a reelsmith who creates their own reels. Kastking takes pride in creating quality reels at a fraction of the cost of most companies. They take their time to create a quality reel that can be trusty and used again and again. kastking is a process artist who loves to see what he has created before his or another player. Kastking has a great sense of seeing into the future and foreseeing the best ideas for reels. He is always looking to make things more complex and fun for players.

Kastking Reel

The kastking reel is a premium reels for spinning fish. It comes with three different panfish models to choose from, all of which are powerful and able to reach up to 20 pounds. The kastking reel is also top of the line in terms of performance, with an aggressive design that will make your fish feel the power. the kastking baitcasting reel is a great choice for saltwater fishing. It is made with a strong, durable steel frame and community test winning recipe: the kastking baitcasting reel is a great choice for saltwater fishing. The reel has an adjustable spool rate, anti-alias function, and a heavy-duty cable. This reel is designed to handle any number of reel tips. the kastking fishing reels is a new product from the world of kastking fishing. This right-hand drive fishing reel is perfect for those who want to become a kastking fishing master. The kastking is designed to lubavitch inspired this reel to provide power and stability for casting the kastking is the perfect reel for those who want to become a successful kastking fisherman. With a design that is both power and stability, this reel makes it easy to cast your catch. looking for a fresh water spincast fishing reel? look no further than the kastking reels. Kastking reels are the only reels that are based on the kastking'smegatron spinning system. This system allows the fishing captain to have twice the number of spinning divisions per minute as other reels. The kastking reels are also built to last, making them a perfect choice for saltwater fishing. The megatron spinning system has two spinning speed settings, and two gear settings that allow the captain to customize the power of the reel.