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1/2 Air Hose Reel

This dewalt 12 in. X 50 ft. Air hose reel is the perfect way to handle all your air hose needs. With a easy-to-use reel, you can have everything done in one place. So easy, it's hard to say no to an easy air hose handle.

Retractable Air Hose Reel

Air hose reel : a air hose reel is a type of reel that allow the user to extract air from air hoses. Air hose reel are often used by veterinarians to remove air from air hoses. there are two main types of air hose reel: the air hose reel and the air hose eliminator. The air hose eliminator is a device that uses taxpayers' money to buy air hose reels. the air hose reel is reported to work better and to be more reliable than the air hose eliminator. The air hose reel is also more affordable.

Hand Crank Air Hose Reel

This dewalt open double air hose reel is perfect for turning your air hose into a working reel. The 12 x 50 reel is made of stainless steel and has a heavy-gauge wire making it easy to handle. It has a turning motion handle and a come-up release. This reel is also electric and has a 12vdc power. The dewalt open double air hose reel is perfect for using air hoses from motorcycles, vehicles, and other vehicles with air conditioning. this lincoln industrial air hose reel is a great choice for those who need to reel in a large quantity of air. The reel can move quickly and easily with a large team, making it the perfect choice for manufacturing or a large-scale business. this air compressor hose reel is perfect for extracting air from air conditioned rooms and furniture. The reel features a 12-inch perforatedila hose and a 50-foot lengths of air hose. It also includes a 30-inch length of air hose and a wrench for tighten handles. the flexzilla pro air hose 12in x 250ft plastic spool is a great way to keep your vehicle's air conditioning working all night long. This reel has a 12 in x 250 ft. Capacity and is made of flexible plastic. It has a self-adjusting spooler that keeps the air hose tight against the reel's spooler, making it easy to spin the reel. The black and green color scheme is perfect for any vehicle.